Bitez Paloma Family Club
Bitez Paloma Family Club

Family Club COVID-19

Bitez Paloma Family Club

Covid 19

Dear guests,

Please kindly be inform that our major priority is to take care of our guests and employees health at that days while fighting aganist Covid -19 pandemic affecting all the world.

From the beginning of this process, we are determing the steps to be taken in order to manage this days effectively by following the flow of informaton shared by both official national and international sources.

In line with this information  we want to share the precautions taken shortly in general terms;

  • ‘The Covid-19 Health and Hygiene Plan’ had been prepared and related protocols to be followed by all the departments of our hotel under this plan had been specified.
  • At all departmants our employees fevers are being measured and recorded, all of the emploees are wearing masks and gloves if needed and this situation is under control by the department managers.
  • All the inside and outside areas of our hotel, general areas, poolside areas, lobby, general toilets, restaurant, bars, kitchen, department offices are being disinfected regularly by using ULV disinfection machines and recorded.
  • Disinfectant and medical equipments are provided for our guests and employees at the entrance areas.
  • Social distance lines are placed at the necessary areas, sitting groups and furnitures are reorganized proper to the social distance rules.
  • Our rooms are being disinfected with ULV disinfection machines just before the room cleaning started and disposable equipments are being used during the room cleaning. Ground surfaces, AC covers, all bathroom and room equipments are being disinfected by the related chemicals.
  • The materials used at the bar and restaurant areas are regularly being disinfected and the materials used by our guests are disinfected at the washing machines after every usage.
  • We purchase and provide the products from the suppliers which has official certificates approved by T.C. Ministry of Health.
  • For the masks and the other medical equipments, different bins had been provided around the premises, and we kindly ask you to use that bins for the related products.

We want to inform you that we will keep on updating our implementations and wish you and your family healthy days.

We beleive that;

‘Being self denying, sharing and collaboration will be the best solution at such a time.’

With our best regards

Bitez Paloma Family Club